The book of Milutin – Danko Popović

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The book of Milutin – Danko Popović

This book is a novel about Milutin, Serbian peasant and former soldier who tells his story from jail after World War II. He talks to imaginary listener about tragic fate of Serbian people, his family and Serbia. Published in 1985.

Milutin Ostojić, a Serbian peasant and a martyr from Šumadija village was a real person. The book shows a true face of village and peasant, it discovers a source of true moral sensitivity in a peasant and martyr (Milutin), his sense for justice, his spirit which follows an original approach to life. Milutin’s spirit shows that a life that follows strong sense of human dignity is not an invention of moralists.

Milutin is farmer, a World War I Thesaloniki Front infantry soldier. His father was killed in Serbo – Bulgarian War, his two brothers died in the Balkan Wars. As a war hero he returns home in order to experience maltreatment of him by the tax men of the state he defended and participated in her creation. In the war and after it, he learned what a human not obeying to the law and the customs could and dare to do. Fighting for his country and her freedom in his youth, Milutin was not able to predict what he might expect in his old age. His son, at a teenager age, was recruited and sent on Srem Front in 1944. Milutin protested by offering himself as a replacement for his son. Asked why young men, still children, inexperienced in the war fights, should be sent in war.