History of Serbian Art XVIII – XXI Century – Slobodan Maldini

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The History of Serbian Art from the 18th to the 21th Century by Slobodan Maldini

Slobodan Maldini is our guide through the cultural atmosphere of our past. Over ten years of work and collecting, the author presents readers with a unique depiction of Serbia’s rich cultural past. Over its 848 pages, 270 thematically arranged chapters are presented about evolution of Serbian art over three centuries. In the book there are more than 3,000 photographs of works of art. Biographical and historical information is presented about the creation of over 2,500 visual artist, architects, and other personalities who left an unforgettable trace on Serbian culture. Many influential historical events are described that have shaped the development of Serbian art. Comprehensive and factually accurate, this book is a valuable and unique source of general knowledge about Serbian art and culture. The influence of this book on our culture is invaluable, as it is to play a significant role in the advancement of our people’s awareness of its rich artistic heritage, traditions, history, and culture.


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